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Our Story

Mickey & Claude's House - Soul Food Restaurant - 1/4/23

I, Terrance N. Bivins, I, am one of the grandsons of John & Clara Belle Harris. From childhood, I learned the importance of the "Village!"  My "Village" consisted of many: Homer & Johnnie Mae (Mickey) Bivins, Sr., Claudia Bell (Claude), Daisy Williams, Lily Sykes, Marie Weaver, Ophelia Averitt, Olivia Allison, lona Green, Editha Price, Martha Ammons, Lillian Patterson, Annie Mae McLane, Siblings, Aunts and Uncles. Daily I was deposited much love and wisdom from my Daddy, Homer Bivins, Sr., (which I was the only child of my parents, allowed to call him "Daddy!" Johnnie Mae (Mickey) and Claudia Bell (Claude), I am thankful!

Daddy was an amazing provider for our entire family! He taught me and gave me abundance! He knew beyond a shadow of thought that Mommie, (Mickey) and Claudia (Claude) was going to make sure everything I thought and engaged, both of them would make 100% and more representation from the "Village" was present in total!!

Mickey and Claude were fabulous cooks from scratch! They cooked with love and patience for the upmost quality and great taste, willing to make sure all of us, including anyone, who needed and wanted a meal to be fulfilled! "Soul Food House" was the entire "Village's" mindset, wherever the atmosphere you were! We were taught to give your best, making sure there was plenty for everyone to enjoy a meal of love!

Therefore, with much prayer, I am honored to name Our Restaurant, "Mickey and Claude's House - Soul Food Restaurant!" To every Investor, thank you for supporting this Grand Move of God, honoring Great Women of Faith!!! Abundant Blessing to each of you!

Submitted in Love,

Terrance N. Bivins, I

Our Team